Company Profile


Name: Hiyoshi Industrial Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Address: 〒185-0032 Amenity Koyama No. 14 bldg. 1-38-5 Hiyoshi-cho, Kokubunji-shi Tokyo
Telephone: 042-576-6656
President: Takeshige Kamiyama
Founded: May 1, 1979.
Capital: \10,000,000
Number of Employees: 140
Work Locations: 1.Head office
9 Employees

2.Amenity 1957 MI-ZU-HO
24 Employees

3.Amenity 1957 NORTH-TACHIKAWA
43 Employees

4.Amenity 1957 SWEET-VEW MISAKA
29 Employees

5.Amenity 1957 YOKOTA-BASE
35 Employees

6.Real Estate Lease Section
(Rental stores, offices, monthly parking spaces. 500 units of property in all)

Business relations: Mitsubishi Electric Building Technology Service Co. Ltd./Hitachi Building System Co. Ltd./Toshiba Elevator Technos Co. Ltd./Create S.D Co. Ltd./Magara Construction Co. Ltd.
Business Contents ■Administration of Hotel Business
■Rental apartments,Rental stores, Rental offices, Rental parking spaces, Rental Business Administration


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